You’re On Social Media, Right?

The important thing you should know, if you own or planning to own a business website you must be on social media activity. In order to show people, you are serious about your business site and services you are selling or product you planning to sell.

Liked or not these days almost everybody is social active. Take for example Facebook.

This may not sound serious but Facebook is most popular platform for social media appearance. Yeah, technically not everybody is on Facebook, but unless you are running some kind of business like a servo on a busy road like King William or Salisbury highway you won’t get much traffic. Which mean you have to some kind of a social presence.

Usually what I pay attention when working with a client is up to speed with helping them to get their Facebook, Twitter account, YouTube channel, Yelp… and any other account. Mostly depending on what kind of business your running.  

Well, not every business needs Youtube or Pintrest. Take for example a lot depends on what kind of business you are running on and how many “Pins” you can seriously post when it comes to your services. Well it doesn’t to be the best 

But when it comes to something like true local or yellow pages then thats a different matter altogether. And its always wise to keep an eye on your listing for happy client reviews.

It’s the same for Facebook. Let’s say you have dentists practice in Adelaide, so it would naturally be wise to have a profile on Facebook and be active with your local clients. Let’s say one of your clients has a friend that request recommendations for a dentist. That friend remembers you and adds your business as the recommendation.

Awesome Things You Can Do

As you can see you can do some great things with social media accounts and make your local business look like the local hero! Let’s go back to your local dentist practice with a proper social media account for your business you can invite the local neighborhood kids for trick or treat. You get great rep, kids excited about dental health and more clients.

Or even a public service announcement for example: “The Adelaide floods are finally coming to an end, if your looking for a dry place to charge your phone, iPad or laptop ect… Come down to Mawson Lakes Dental….” For example.

You Get The Picture

Now it’s fine if you have already made these social media accounts or are planning to make them yourself. That’s fine we would be more than happy to optimize your social media accounts. Then you can take over and update status regularly or ask us to take care of this.

You’ll be glad these are made later!